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Moreton Telegraph Station Cape York

Cape York Peninsula is an amazing place. Covering almost 138,000 square kilometres (53,282 square miles), it is home for only about 18,000 people(including Thursday Island and Horn Island).

It is also home to 734 vertebrate land animal species and at least 2,412 plant species, more than 300 of these being found nowhere else in Australia or the world. It is one of the three most unspoiled areas left on Earth.

Moreton Telegraph Station is located on the Wenlock River in the centre of Cape York Peninsula just 293 kilometres from Cape York ('The Tip'), the Australian mainland's most northerly point.

The spacious and shady 6 hectare (15 acre) clearing in natural bushland provides ample space for adventurous travellers looking for a tranquil camping spot and hot shower after a hard day's drive. If the urge to sleep in a real bed cannot be resisted, our safari tent options may interest you.

The Wenlock River flows all year, although the levels can vary dramatically between the 'wet' season and the 'dry' season. Keen fisherfolk can try their luck at catching barramundi, black bream or saratoga but be aware that Estuarine crocodiles may inhabit this river system.

Rainfall varies from an average of 11mm for the months of May to October to an average of 227mm for November to April. The dry-season (winter) temperatures can fall to less than 10° Celsius (50° Farenheit), particularly in the inland, and wet-season (summer) temperatures can soar beyond 40° Celsius (105° Farenheit).

So far over 121 bird species have been noted in the Moreton vicinity, and many, including the Palm Cockatoo and Magnificent Riflebird, may be regularly observed throughout the site and along the river's edge. Agile Wallabies often feed on the grounds while the shy and elusive Antilopine Wallaroo can often be found feeding along the roadsides in the neighbourhood. The sparsely distributed Common Spotted Cuscus (a type of possum) has been seen on numerous occasions feeding on the leaves of Moreton's riverside trees.

A 3 kilometre (1.9 mile) walking track along the north bank of the river and through the adjacent bushland will introduce you to some of the more dominant and interesting species of the local flora, and a short detour takes you to Cave Creek where the bedrock has been eroded to form a natural bridge.

Our friendly staff are always available for information on local flora & fauna, regional history, road conditions or just a chat.

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Please contact us if you have any enquiries or require more information. We are more than happy to provide you with any information you may require about our splendid part of the world.

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